REDmoney is a publishing and events company focusing purely on the global Islamic finance market. The company was established in mid 2004 in Kuala Lumpur and initially rolled out two products: Islamic Finance training and Islamic Finance news. Since then, a range of other products have been introduced including conferences, print media and consulting. Since 2004 REDmoney has been the world’s leading specialized Islamic finance publishing, information and event company. The company aims to grow with this exciting industry and provide the products the industry requires to evolve and become the mainstream financing alternative it deserves to be recognized as.
Islamic Finance Asia, a monthly magazine will be distributed free to all qualified corporate individuals within the Islamic finance market. It is available in print and will be circulated individually, by air mail. It is targeted to the top echelons of the Islamic Finance market and advertisers can be rest assured that it will reach its targeted audience as far as the Asia Pacific region and Middle East is concerned. The 10,000 copies printed for each issue will nonetheless reach a global audience. The articles and views expressed in Islamic Finance Asia magazine will be 100% researched  and written by the dedicated in-house editorial team and no contributions will be allowed with the exception of advertorials or sponsored statements, which will be highlighted on the article itself. This publication will be featuring news and articles in detail and will carry insights as to what the industry leaders are involved in. In addition, there will be an array of topics and exclusive stories that will be managed by this publication. Its focused editorial contents, longer shelf life and passed on readership are also factors that make Islamic Finance Asia, a dedicated publication for the Islamic Finance fraternity.

Global interest in Islamic finance and banking is at an unprecedented level.  Products, markets and players are constantly evolving meaning the industry is in a state of constant renewal and change. With this change come opportunities and challenges.  As it becomes clearer how the industry will develop and what market participants will require in the medium to long term, the need for crystallization of clear strategies becomes imperative.

Through our international network of Islamic finance professionals we are able to offer expert advice and consultation to organizations in and associated with the Islamic finance industry. Included in this are market positioning and research, Shariah advisory and the product development process.  Please contact Andrew Tebbutt on +603 2162 7802 or for more information.

Published every Wednesday, Islamic Finance news is the industry’s leading, capital markets focused e-newsletter now providing over 19,500 individuals with unrivaled editorial coverage of the global Islamic financing market.

Islamic Finance news provides insightful and intelligent editorial coverage from around the world, helping you stay ahead. Industry professionals and leading academics contribute via non-biased, educational and up-to-date country and sector reports, giving you first-hand knowledge and understanding of the Islamic finance markets and instruments from the specialist’s point of view.
Islamic finance and banking is recognized as a one of the fastest-growing areas of international finance today. Greater worldwide awareness of this exciting sector means that new players and products are being continuously introduced, bringing new challenges and opportunities. The potential for Islamic finance on a global scale is only just being realized, with the sector expected to make huge strides over the next 10 years.

Our objective is clear: Islamic Finance training is a world-class provider of quality public, sponsored and in-house financial training for banks, corporates, consultants, regulators and government bodies across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Through continuous research and client contact, we provide best-of-breed training solutions in the rapidly developing area of Shariah compliant finance. Consistent in all our programs are the concepts of best practice implementation and the sharing of others’ experiences. We believe these factors are vital in the development of Islamic finance globally.
Launched in 2006, the Malaysian Islamic Finance Forum (MIF Forum) instantly became the world’s largest annual event. Since then Asia has emerged as the fastest developing Islamic finance market and the MIF Forum has grown in size and stature. The MIF brand, signifying the Malaysian market, therefore doesn’t reflect the true nature of this event. For this reason, from 2009 the new title will be the IFN Issuers & Investors Asia Forum. All other aspects of this event will remain ensuring you still have the largest and most influential Islamic finance event on your doorstep.
MIF stands for Malaysian Islamic Finance. It is a brand name delivering information and research products that actively seek to promote the development of Islamic Finance in Malaysia. The MIF brand is perhaps best associated with the hugely successful MIF Issuers & Investors Forum, held in August 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission, Bursa Malaysia and LOFSA.
Educational and practical books are published in conjunction with some of the industry’s leading practitioners. Other products include manuals and industry sector case study reports, amongst others. Additionally, numerous other Islamic finance related titles can be found on our home page.
REDmoney events designs, organizes and hosts conferences, forums and seminars throughout the world focusing on the international Islamic capital markets industry. A subsidiary of the REDmoney Group REDmoney events also offers its services for unique and exclusive in-house projects.
REDmoney training provides top quality in-house and co-hosted training in the world of conventional finance. So whether it’s a curriculum for new graduates or a highly specialized and tailored course for a particular business function, we can help. We look forward to serving you and meeting your training needs.

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