REDmoney Research provides the opportunity for you to stay ahead via in-depth and exclusive research analysis on industry markets or sectors.

Through the collaboration with a globally renowned and leading research firm, REDmoney Research has access to over 400 analysts worldwide. Our research capabilities include thematic/sector research, model building, coverage initiation, coverage maintenance, statistical analysis, and data gathering.

REDmoney Research is primarily, but not exclusively, focused on the Islamic financial sectors. Therefore, if you require research outside of the Islamic finance field, we're able to assist.

All reports are provided in soft format allowing you the flexibility to add or delete appropriately.

However, hard copy reports are available on request and REDmoney Research will manage any design changes. You may also request to include additional data, photographs, advertisements, statements and contact data.

Through this exclusive collaboration REDmoney Research is able to deliver results at very competitive pricing. Each individual research report summer dress will be priced on the depth of its analysis, information availability and the geographies covered,

For more information or to request a quote, please contact:

Andrew Morgan
Managing Director
Tel: +603 2162 7800
Fax: +603 2162 7810



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